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David Stafford

When buying or selling a home, you absolutely want, need, and should demand depth of expertise, true quality and experience, and service like it used to be!  A new or part time agent is not what you want, and just because someone is an acquaintance or old family friend, that does NOT qualify them to best protect your interests.  I am the professional’s real estate professional.  I built my business and reputation through hard work, honesty, and integrity, which you can perceive as you read my past customer reviews, here and elsewhere online.  I grew up here in Albuquerque and I actively invest in real estate here (I buy/hold many rentals and I buy/remod/sell about 8-12 houses/flips per year), so I am currently actively buying and selling with my own money on the line in our market! This is a very IMPORTANT point!  I have refined my powerful searching and negotiating skills to benefit my buyers and I have developed innovative and effective marketing strategies to benefit my sellers.  I will walk through your home and tell you exactly what we should do, how much it will cost, and who can do it quickest and cheapest so we can optimize the net dollar return for you.  I have flipped over 100 houses in NM and know where to focus your time/effort/money in order to sell for top dollar quickly.  I am a one stop shop, so I can help you get EVERYTHING done from start to finish, whether you are local or out of state.  I can arrange for everything from estate sales, to minor make ready rehabs, to final cleaning, staging, and even disposing of unwanted items.   
My team and I are the only comprehensive solution to help you take it from idea to sold without hassle, stress, or high cost. I can tell you exactly what I expect to sell your home for and how much money you will walk away from closing with.  No other broker in Albuquerque can bring more breadth and depth of business, marketing, and real estate expertise to the table for customers than I do.  I have been the president and qualifying broker of my own real estate company for over 16 years. Before that I spent 6 years in the US Navy, and 7 years as staff at Sandia National Laboratories.  I hold a master’s degree in business (MBA) from the University of New Mexico and I have vast business experience, including very strong negotiation and risk management skills based on my experience writing multi-million dollar contracts on behalf of the US Dept of Energy.  My commissions are reasonable and negotiable and I am very agile and flexible in how I serve my clients (we work creatively to solve any situation you have… I can even make you a cash offer for a quick sale on your property).  
The bottom line is that I offer top quality expertise to help you find or sell the right property for YOU… at the lowest expense possible. I can do this because I run a lean and efficient operation that maximizes use of technology. I am paperless and I stay on top of market information and communication with clients, so whether your are local or remote, I make it easy. I do not lock you into long term contracts to work with me, so give me a try for as long or as little as you’d like – I promise you will be happy and tell all your friends about the service you experienced. Send me any real estate related questions anytime and I will gladly respond, consider me your free local expert resource. Thanks for reading about me, as you can tell, I am not just the average real estate broker! I look forward to meeting you and putting my expertise to work for you.



Associate Broker

Nathan Troyer

As a licensed contractor, Realtor, and land developer with an MBA, I probably have a different perspective than most Realtors you’ve met!
If you’re looking to purchase real estate, not only can I help you make informed decisions about purchasing a home, I can also help you think through the cost of potential renovations.  As a licensed contractor, I can give you a bid and perform any residential work you would like to have done!
If you’re looking to sell your home, I can help you with any renovations that might increase the value of your home before you list it!  During the home inspection period, I can help you save money on items that the buyer wants to be fixed prior to sale.
Finally, if you just can’t find the perfect home, I can help you find vacant land and build you a completely custom home!  You might be surprised at how reasonable a custom home can cost – typically you can build a home and move in with equity!  See some of my projects at https://troyerhomesllc.houzz.com/.

Associate Broker

Melissa Salazar

As an experienced professional real estate photographer, I have an eye for showcasing a home, capturing and emphasizing what makes it special and valuable. I consult with my Sellers about how to optimize their homes, and can help guide them in getting it done quickly and inexpensively. My marketing is polished and inviting, and it will be broadly syndicated. For my Buyers, I make home shopping fun, and help them see what a house can be.  

My goal is to provide you with the information you need to make the right decision for you and your family, in the appropriate timing, while making the buying or selling process as stress free as possible! If you would like to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals and dreams, contact me by phone, email, or text now!

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